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STIHL Metal Chainsaw Sawhorse

Stihl Chain Saw Sawhorse


Cut logs, branches, and general timber safer with the use of a sawhorse. Suitable for use with all types of chainsaws a sawhorse frees your hands up to ensure you can cut logs and timber quickly and with full peace of mind. Gone are the days when you had to struggle cutting logs with an electric or petrol chain saw.

Buy the high quality but affordable sawhorse from Stihl:



This is a high quality galvanised steel box section metal chainsaw sawhorse. As with all of the equipment manufactured by Stihl their metal sawhorse is a popular first choice for the home chainsaw user as well as the professional tree surgeon, gardener, or landscaper.

Although simple in design and construction a chainsaw sawhorse can change the way you cut or chop logs forever. Having a saw horse to hand is like gaining an extra pair of hands or colleague to help you. This handy accessory is a useful piece of kit that supports logs or branches as they are being cut.

In addition to improving productivity you will work safer and more confidently than using a saw freehand. All the weight of the timber being cut is supported and retained in place with a spring loaded chain on this model.

The Stihl Metal Sawhorse fold flat for easy transportation as well as efficient storage.

When you buy this model compared to cheap brands you will also find no assembly work is required other than attaching the log securing chain and spring. 


* Folding Design * Galvanised Steel Construction * Securing Chain * Tough Silver Paint Finish * 12 Month Warranty



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